Koh Jum Ocean Beach Resort is located on the beach locally called 'Ting Rai Beach', surrounded by trees in an abundant jungle. It has bungalows lined up on the hill, with an ocean view swimming pool at the central part. It has its own farm, from which its kitchen gets some fresh palnt ingredients to make some healthy dishes for its guests. It raises some hens for eggs and grows some tropical herbs for drinks. 

There are 4 room types of all its air-conditioned 27 bungalows. The begining most economical room type is 'Deluxe Cottage'. It is a wooden bungalow with a partial sea view and garden view balcony. The second room type is 'Honeymoon Villa'. What makes Honeymoon Villa different from the others is a bathtub for a couple on its balcony outside of the room. It has a little entry gate that leads to the room for its residents' privacy. The third room type is 'Boat House'. What is special about Boat House is its interior decor and design. And Its frontal balcony that is literally shaped like a boat. Boat House is closest to the sea and the main beachfront restaurant and bar of the resort. The last room type is 'Family House'. It is literally designed for a family stay. It is the biggest bungalow with a big shared balcony and two connected bedrooms each of which has its own restroom. 

Koh Jum Ocean Beach Resort has a beachfront restaurant and bar for guests to enjoy their time on the beach and be chilling out. Guests can lie on our beanbag on the beach, sipping a cocktail or drink of their favorite. Strolling on the beach is too relaxing. The resort also has a paddleboard or kayak to provide their guests who love water activities. Also, guests can enjoy shopping for souvenirs for their loved ones at home.

We are looking forward to seeing you here.